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Certified Pennington Teacher Program

If you love music and have a caring and kind disposition, you may be an excellent candidate for a program that leads to a lifetime of sharing the magic of music!  We are presently accepting applicants for our Certification in Music Education.

This Certification is designed to meet the need for online music teachers for beginners of all ages.

There are no prerequisites other than a sincere desire to help students play their favorite songs and write inspiring music.
Often applicants without prior musical experience thrive as teachers since the material is clearly taught in there Certification Program.

The teaching methodology draws from ancient and current recording studio practices.  It is influenced by the Nashville Notation System and chord-based techniques that are essential to most of most music performed today.

This is not a classical notation system based on a complicated system where the goal is adherence to a composers' genius.  It is a system that encourages and enables improvisation and flexibility in how a song is approached.  The result is a relatively simple and elegant system that means students can play along with their favorite popular songs with ease and fun!

Each candidate accepted into the program will meet weekly with Dr. Pennington on FaceTime and will be assigned to a Cohort Group that meets weekly for a 3 hour seminar. 

The tuition for the 12 week program is $1900.  The potential income for a Certified Pennington Music Teacher is $4800/month teaching 20 hours/week.

There will be many more applicants than spaces, so we encourage you to let us know of your interest in the program early.

To begin the Application Process, please email a letter of interest to
Include a paragraph that summarizes why your are interested in this program.

All applicants will receive a response within the week.  There may be a wait list.

For those interested we thank you, and hope to share the wonderful gift of music through your dedication and talents.    
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