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Acting Lab

Acting Lab offers a way to learn the technical and artistic methods to perform for video and television productions.

We will be accepting applications for the Summer 2022 workshops on January 17, 2022. There are limited openings, so please let us know of your interest and experience via email directly to

For those without television or film experience, beginner workshops will also be scheduled for Summer 2022.


Admitted students will:

  • Participate in 3 weekly online workshops each month

  • Have Lead Roles in Short Films

  • Have Supporting Roles in Short Films

  • Develop a Reel with performances

  • Develop a Film Resume

  • Create an Electronic Press Kit

  • Learn Video Production Techniques

Students electing a Music Option will also receive training in Dr. Pennington's Chord and Music Theory-based Approach to playing Keyboards, Guitar, Ukulele, and Voice. This includes the option of recording sessions at Blackbird Studios where Multi-Platinum Artists track.

The following message is a draft of the Acknowledgement Email that will be sent to Applicants in January 2022.

Congratulations for making the first step towards joining the Acting Lab!  From this point, you have the opportunity to apply for placement in a group of up to 10 acting students in your area.  If you are near a major metropolitan area, your colleagues may be near, but if you are in northern Alaska or the Pacific Islands, they may be farther away! Every week, we review the Applications from those wanting to enter the program.  Once you send in your Application, you will be notified of your Acceptance within 7 days. You will then immediately have all-access passwords to the scripts and supplemental readings.  Within 30 days you will receive the equipment that will enable you to set up a home studio to record your performances.  This generally includes:A Green Screen with support systemA lighting systemA clapper boardA microphone with cable and standA teleprompter systemYou will have ample opportunity to familiarize yourself with the equipment through our online support and tutorials.  It's really very simple!  Soon you will be focusing on your acting performance, and not some silly technical issue!What you will need that is not provided is a laptop computer. Ideally, a MacBookPro, but others are okay as well. (video of a student describing the set up and typical scene work; fun!!!)

All students will be placed in small  groups that meet online to rehearse the scripts and to participate in discussions involving acting choices, backstory development, and expressive acing techniques.

Once social distancing permits, the groups may physically meet in various venues locally and at a statewide level.

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